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Supply Chain Management

260 Cousteau Place, Suite 150        
Davis, CA 95618



In the past, Accounting & Financial Services provided a number of Procurement and Accounts Payable services, which functioned as many separate moving pieces, each playing an important role in fulfilling the university’s instructional, research and administrative goals. To better support a single process aimed at providing goods and services to UC Davis, we have brought together Accounts Payable, Distribution Services, Procurement & Contracting Services, Repro Graphics, and Travel & Entertainment to form the Supply Chain Management division.

By working together, we can present a coordinated approach to procurement, improve communication, and provide significant value to the university. Under the Supply Chain Management umbrella, I am excited to see these groups continue to provide expert guidance to our customers and foster a sense of pride among our employees.

On behalf of Supply Chain Management, I look forward to providing you an improved experience and appreciate your support as we continue to grow.

Tim Maguire



June 29, 2023

Although COVID-19 has impacted the availability of high-demand items, Supply Chain Management is working closely with its strategic partners to ensure a steady source of critical supplies. Finance, Operations and Administration and Supply Chain Management continue to provide limited quantities of face coverings, disinfectants, sanitizers and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at no cost to departments to disinfect workspaces and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Changes to Travel, Procurement Card Policies

June 09, 2023
The Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) was recently updated to include several important changes related to travel and the Procurement Card (P-Card).   Travel (PPM 300-10) revisions include:
  • Use of the Travel Visa card for unauthorized or personal expenses is prohibited.
  • Expenses incurred on behalf of a fiscal officer may not be charged to accounts which that fiscal officer is responsible for, without additional approval by a more senior financial official within the department, colleg

Centrally Funded COVID-19 Supplies Now Available

June 08, 2023

Finance, Operations and Administration and Supply Chain Management are happy to announce that we are offering limited quantities of face coverings, disinfectants, sanitizers and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at NO COST to departments. These items, made available through central funding, are intended to help departments prepare for an increase in the number of people on campus. Please note: This does not apply to UC Davis Health clinical settings.

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